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Tips to Take Care of your Cell Phone

Marcus Wholesale & Repair

Tips to take care of your phone from Marcus Wholesale & Repair:
When it comes to taking care of your phone there are a lot of different opinions floating around.
We’re here to set the record straight on the three common myths people have about phone care.
Screen Protectors
Whenever you open a brand new mobile phone and take it out of the box, you may notice that there is a screen protector on it. Do you keep using the protector that the manufacture has given to you?
The myth screen protectors: I should keep using it, as I don’t see the need to buy a new one.
The truth about screen protectors: The screen protector is design to keep the phone scratch free while it’s being put together at the factory and while in transit. The reason why you shouldn’t keep using the screen protector that the manufacture has supplied is mainly due to the following reasons:
The screen protector can cover the screen with words.The screen protector can cover the earpiece hindering call quality or any conversion completely.The screen protector can stop you accessing and pressing buttons properly e.g. home button on the iPhone.Check out your nearest Cell Phone retail store to find a screen protector that’s right for you.

Battery Life

Battery Life, remember the days where your phone would last days upon days?
The myth about battery life:I should be getting the same amount of battery life as the manufacture says in the manual or online. 
The truth about battery life:Modern mobile phones are more advanced than the classics of yesterday.
 Firstly, all mobile phones these days have colour screens, along with what is now commonly seen to be standard features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Access and Mobile Internet access.
When it comes to the figures that you see on a manufacturing website, you’ll notice they all have “up-to” next to the battery stand by and talk time figures, and in most cases there would attach a disclaimer that will point out battery times may vary according to carrier specifications, configuration and actual phone usage.
What are some simple ways to improve your battery performance on your phone?Some really simple ways of improving your battery performance can be as simple as:
Switching off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections when you’re not using them, orSimply closing off any apps you may not be using.Depending on what type of mobile phone you are using, you can find various phone applications that can help improve battery performance, but always read the description of the app before downloading it.

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Cracked LCD/Touchscreen

“I swear I didn’t crack my screen” This is one of many sentences that I’ve heard over the years.
The myth about cracked screens:  – Dropping the phone from a short distance and the screen cracking.– Gorilla Glass or super strong glass can’t be broken.
The truth about cracked screens: Physical damage can occur when an above average amount of force has been applied to a specific section of the phone, where in most cases a crack LCD or crack in the touch screen can occur.
When you do a quick search on gorilla glass you may find that Gorilla Glass can’t be broken, as a matter of fact it can be broken.
If subjected to enough abuse, Gorilla Glass can break. However, Gorilla Glass is better able to survive the real-world events that most commonly cause glass to scratch, chip, or break.
When my phone freezes up
OMG! My Phone is freezing!
The myth about phone freezes:It’s the phones problem.
The truth about phone freezes:Some of the times when the phone freezes it’s caused by too many files stored on the phone’s limited memory.
Your smartphone is like your home PC, capable of installing and running applications, and storing data files.
Overtime, your phone will accumulate unnecessary files causing memory to run low and lag/freeze as a result.

We suggest backing up your data, making some space and then upgrading to the latest software if you have a problem. This is what we would do at Marcus Wholesale and Repair!

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